I love being a PMU Artist & Educator

Laura Alameda is Cosmetologist and eyebrow specialist since the age of 12, educator and founder of GLAMI STUDIO and creator of the technique “Golden rules for a perfect eyebrow design”.  With more than 21 certifications accumulated worldwide, among them artist Phibrows and the first master artist RBKollors in the USA.

In 2014 Laura founded her academy where she began to give classes and thus certify students from various countries in her technique.

Her passionate art, talent, knowledge and experience along with her advanced techniques have made her an excellent Microblading and PMU artist in the United States.

Her goal is to reach her students the various techniques she has learned throughout her career while helping them become great artists in this industry.

As a coach, her goal is to help others improve their skills so they can become successful permanent makeup artist.

Laura has been licensed as a Florida Tattoo Artist, Florida Facial Specialist and certified in:

Blood borne pathogens and communicable diseases course (HIV/AIDS, OSHA/SANITATION-American Safety Council).

COVID 19-barbicide certification.

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